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CompLife cooperates with the following Armenian banks:

"Inecobank" CJSC: PayLater (6 months 0%) or credit.

"ID BANK" CJSC: RoketLine (3 months 0%) or Roket loan.

"Akba-Credit Agricole Bank" CJSC, credit.

"VTB-Armenia Bank" CJSC, credit.

Lending conditions: 

. It is formulated on the shop within 5-15 minutes. 

. The crdeit can be formulated for 3-60 months, depending on the choice of the bank. .

. The client must present a passport or ID card. In the case of PayLater and RocketLine, presence of documents is not necessary.

. Credit is provided to people aged 18-70. .

. Credit is provided to all residents of Armenia, as well as in the presence of residence and social cards.

. Borrower must have a positive credit history or be a registered employee. 

. Loan disbursement is formulated on all days of the week: h. 11:00 - 20:00 .

. APR starts at 0% .

. The actual annual interest rate is 0%-23.5%, depending on the customer's credit history and bank selection.

. For more detailed information about , you can come to our shop or call +374 94 641101.

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