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    Computer Components
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    Peripheral and Accessories
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Shipping and payment

How to order?

Orders on the CompLife.am website are accepted through an electronic shopping cart. To do this, next to with the selected product, click on the Buy button and the product will be added to the cart. Prices and the availability of all products presented on the site at the time of ordering is subject to clarification. You You can clarify the prices for these products by calling or after ordering. Request a quote for free.
After placing an order, our manager will immediately contact you to receive confirmation of an order. Please be careful when placing your order. For delivery the following information must be filled in exactly: Buyer’s contact information: name, address and phone number. Additional ordering information: Any important information about order. For example, to whom to deliver the order or the entry code.

Cash payment methods: This means that you pay for the order of the goods that you order upon delivery. Courier provides your cash receipt. If necessary, can also be provided invoices. By choosing this option on the corresponding page of the site, you also indicate whether it is necessary to bring a trifle. Cash payment terms: Cash payment is made at receiving the order. Our courier reserves the right to return the delivered goods if the client will offer to pay for it later. Cash payments in dollars or other currencies are not are accepted because they contradict the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. Depending on from your location, our courier can offer his services: exchange currency in the nearest exchange office and only then receive the money. Note, the shipping amount is payable regardless of whether you buy the item or not.

Delivery price, geography and schedule
Delivery is carried out with the widest geography throughout the territory of the Republic of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. Delivery within the territory of the city of Yerevan costs 1000 AMD. You can contact the operator to check the shipping cost and average delivery time for all other cities. Delivery is carried out in Yerevan during the next working day from the moment of placing the order, within 1-2 working days in the regions.